Definition Rear Projection Film

Definition Rear Projection Film


definition rear projection film rollDefinition rear projection film is the workhorse of our film line, its grey color adds contrast and rejects ambient light from the front and definition projection film on glass mall displayback so your projected image will stay brighter in uncontrolled lighting conditions than lighter colored films. standard lenses, short throw and long throw lenses are all great for Definition rear projection film, Definition film isn’t typically used with ultra short throw projectors due to the extreme angle of directed light. if you’re looking for a film for use with ultra short throw projector see our Dual View Definition film

Definition film has been used in an almost countless amount of use cases, retail windows has been a solid application for definition rear projection film for years because of its large seamless sizes and its ability to withstand the lighting conditions of the indoor mall settings and outdoor facing display applications.

Definition is also a perfect match for other products such as our standard anti glare film or Ultra Clear anti glare films to reduce glare and reflection from your displays, indoor and outdoor applications benefit from anti glare films due to the grey color of the rear projection makes the outside of the glass appear almost mirror like and anti glare films and increase brightness, view ability and viewing angles

Touch foils are another great addition to a definition rear projection films display, turn your retail window display into an interactive experience with a Pro Touch foil and engaged consumers on a street level they can relate to and demand in our day and age

pro application kits for rear projection filmDefinition projection film is applied in a wet application our application guide will walk you through the process, much like a window tint would be although Definition film is a little thicker and requires a little more TLC when applying than window tint

rear projection film samples packaged

does. You can purchase a Application kit with your purchase and we recommend getting some samples to test in your environment, a standard sample kit will include Accent film and our other standard films, our specialty films are not included in our standard sample packs but you can contact a representative and they can assist you with your request.

If you have questions about how  definition rear projection films work or how they may fit into your project, feel free to contact our design dept that will gladly help walk you through any of the steps needed, we commonly assist our customer and dealers with everything from specifying the right rear projection film and projector for the project and environment, to adding touch films, projector enclosures, enclosure lifts, anti glare films and fabrication of the displays themselves.

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