DualView Accent Projection Film

DualView Accent Projection Film


DualView Projection Film offers a unique feature: you have the freedom to project on the front or back of the film. It can be used with most projectors to yield ultra bright, high definition images. The DualView Films do not require a specific projection angle and are compatible with most makes and models of projectors.DualView Definition Film on office window

DualView projection film is also a perfect match for other products such as our standard anti glare film or Ultra Clear anti glare films to reduce glare and reflection from your displays, indoor and outdoor applications benefit from anti glare films to increases brightness, view ability and viewing angles

application kit for rear projection filmDualView projection film is applied in a wet application process. Our application guide will walk you through the process, much like a window tint would be, however, it requires a little more TLC when applyingprojection film samples packaged than window tint does. You can purchase an Application kit with your purchase and we recommend getting some samples to test in your environment.

Any questions about how DualView projection films work or how they may fit into your project, feel free to contact our design department that will gladly help walk you through any of the steps needed. We commonly assist our customer and dealers with everything from specifying the right projection film and projector for the project and environment, to adding touch films, projector enclosures, enclosure lifts, anti glare films and fabrication of the displays themselves.

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