DualView Accent Projection Film

DualView Accent Projection Film


  • Ultra bright projection film
  • Works with most projectors
  • Ultra bright, high definition images
  • Dual-side projection.

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DualView Projection Film offers a unique feature: it allows projection on both sides. Furthermore, it works with most projectors, delivering ultra-bright, high-definition images without needing a specific angle. It’s also compatible with various projector makes and models.

Additionally, pair DualView projection film with our anti-glare films like the standard or Ultra Clear versions. These films effectively reduce glare and reflections, thereby enhancing brightness, visibility, and viewing angles for indoor and outdoor applications.

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No Anti-Glare, Add Anti-Glare


DualView projection film is applied using a wet application process,
similar to window tinting but requiring a bit more care. You can purchase
an Application kit with your order and consider obtaining samples for
testing in your environment.

For any questions about how DualView projection films work or their
suitability for your project, contact our design department. We routinely
assist customers and dealers with selecting the right film and projector
for their project and environment, as well as adding touch films, projector
enclosures, lifts, anti-glare films, and display fabrication.


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