Intrigue Rear Projection Film

Intrigue Rear Projection Film


Intrigue Clear Rear Projection film can be applied to any clear surfaces to create a truly floating image or a holographic effect with your content.

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Intrigue clear rear projection film was our original transparent rear projection film, its 97 % transparency gives it a slight haze which captures the light from your projector. Extreme angle projectors such as ultra short throw projectors are a great fit for Intrigue rear projection films, the extreme angle of directed light is not transferred into the viewers eyes making the display appear to bright to the viewers eyes

Intrigue film should always be used with an off axis projection set up, you should always direct the light from the projector so it is not directed into the viewers eyes but into the ceiling or on the floor

Intrigue clear rear projection films should be used in light controlled environments, indoor malls, museums and settings where the ambient light will not wash out the projected image.

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Intrigue clear rear projection film is applied in a wet application our application guide will walk you through the process, much like a window tint would be although Intrigue film is the thicker than a typical window tint  and requires a little more TLC when applying than window tint does. You can purchase a Application kit with your purchase or clear rear projection film and we samples of rear projection filmrecommend getting some samples to test in your environment. Standard sample kit’s will include Intrigue film and our other standard films, our specialty films are not included in our standard sample packs but you can contact a representative and they can assist you with your request.

Questions about how Intrigue rear projection films work, apply or how they may fit into your project, feel free to contact our design dept that will gladly help walk you through any of the steps needed. We commonly assist our customer and dealers with everything from specifying the right projection film and projector for the project and environment, to adding touch films, projector enclosures, enclosure lifts and fabrication of the displays themselves.


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