Rear Projection Film University

The best installation option for turning your glass into a digital video display is rear projecting onto a Screen Solutions rear projection film; this is what we call the floating image effect. When it comes to choosing the right screen for your application, unless you specifically require transparent then we will probably recommend the Definition Screen.

Definition Rear Projection Film is Dark Grey and will provide rich deep images right on the glass and can even be used in direct sunlight.
(see the Definition Film video here – coming soon)

Accent Rear Projection Film is White in color and will provide bright crisp images, this film can be used with higher brightness and even ultra short throw projectors. (see the Accent Film video here)

Intrigue Rear Projection Film is 98% +/- Transparent and can be used with any projector to create holographic type projected displays in minutes. Intrigue even though clear is capable of producing bright, crisp vivid images right on your glass. (see the Intrigue Film video here – coming soon)

Anti Glare Film is an accessory product and if incorporated into your rear projection film display would be installed on the viewing side or outside of the glass (only use where the image/rear projection film is located) for a crystal clear glare free image.
(see the Anti Glare Film video here – coming soon)

Quick Rear Projection Film Product Review:
Accent Film – White in color, adds brightness, no added contrast
Definition Film – Dark Grey in color, deep rich images with added contrast from the screen itself
Intrigue Film – Clear/Transparent in color, floating see through holographic type projection
Anti Glare Film – Accessory to Projection Films & Digital Displays behind glass to remove glare/reflection on the surface of the glass or acrylic.

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