Transparent Projection Film

Looking for a projection solution that is also transparent? Transparent Projection Film is available in several options and levels of transparency, from 95% to 100% transparent.

We have detailed a few of our transparent films below, please contact us with any questions. We have been innovating and providing rear projection films for more then 15 years, we have experience and knowledge to help you succeed with your project.

Transparent Projection Film

The video above is showing the differences between our new Dual Sided Films, these have the ability to show the image on both sides. The transparent dual sided projection film is noted and you can see the image quality compared to the other films even while transparent.

Dual View Transparent Film

  • 98.5% Clear
  • Adhesive Layer for Quick Installation
  • 60″ Roll Size

Dual View Clear is available as Front or Rear Projection Film

In this video you can see a 30′ wide transparent projection film display across multiple panes of glass. This project also has 3 projectors blended and a custom touch frame. This is our Intrigue Film that has been offered as a standard product for more then 12 years. Intrigue has 97% transparency.

Intrigue Transparent Film

  • 97% Clear
  • Adhesive Layer for Quick Installation
  • 60″ Roll Size

Intrigue Rear Projection Film is available for rear projection only.

An automotive technologies supplier was looking for a unique way to showcase and display their technological capabilities over top of a physical object. Super Clear transparent projection film was chosen to maintain the illusion of a holographic image. This Film is near 100% transparent.

Super Clear Transparent Film

  • 99.5% Clear
  • Adhesive Layer for Quick Installation
  • 49″ Roll Size

Super Clear is available as a Front Projection Film or Rear Projection Film

Top of the Rock: NYC

An international bank wanted to showcase some promo content with a holographic display, transparent projection was chosen. This is at the Top of the Rock in New York City that overlooks Central Park.

Radio Shack: NYC

When Radio Shack was trying to reinvent themselves they had launched a new flagship store in New York City as a concept. They desired some type of digital signage on the storefront windows that was unique and transparent, they chose blended projectors on a transparent projection film.

Film: Intrigue Rear Projection Film

Tradeshow Screen: Multiple Locations

This was over a decade ago when we produced a hard acrylic clear screen that was able to be flown frame-less. This was to be used in trade-shows with a 5500 lumen DLP projector as shown.

Retail Concept Display: Los Angeles

A AV design and integration firm was looking to add unique display elements to their concept store design showroom. This is an interactive transparent touch screen display with Intrigue Film and Touch Foil.