Rear projection film is nearly paper-thin and will transform your glass into digital video screen in just minutes, below we will cover how it works and answer some basic questions. For more then 10 years since we introduced rear projection film we have seen thousands of businesses, corporations and homeowners create amazing displays with this amazing material.

Rear projection film is specifically formulated to accept the light that is projected from digital projectors; this is best described as diffusion technology and rear projection film will capture and redistribute the received light. Diffusion technology allows the rear projection film to capture the projected light without distorting it, all of this simply means that rear projection film can be projected onto with a standard projector and turn your glass or plastic surface into a digital video display.

Definition PRO rear projection film on glass

“Definition PRO Rear Projection Film on Glass”

With any technology there are common best practices, below you will find a short list of several –
-Use the best projector you can afford with the most lumens/brightness and resolution.
-Try to avoid direct light on the rear side of the projection film (besides the projector)
-Proper installation is critical and our projection film application kits will help reduce the learning curve and first timer bad experiences. Do not use water only as an application liquid as this will make installation extremely difficult and the end result will be less then satisfactory. The adhesive layer on the one side of the film requires the appropriate fluid to allow you to have a few minutes to move and place the film appropriately.
-Read and follow our rear projection film installation instructions, these instruction were written by installers to be clear, concise and thorough to give you the best installation experience possible. For worldwide professional installation please contact Screen Solutions for information.
-If glare on your glass is an extreme issue you may consider using our anti glare film on the view-able side or outside of your glass.

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