Rear Projection Film Videos

Projection on glass is showcased here with a wide variety of rear projection film videos. These videos are in no particular order and range in dates over a period of 15 years.

Projecting on glass is easy with rear projection film and standard projectors.

Rear Projection Videos - Projection on Glass


All rear projection film orders are cut with our CNC cutting process, this investment ensures that your cuts are clean and accurate. Screen Sizes, Square, Circle, Triangle, Shapes all can be cute with precision.


Transparent multitouch blended projectors on a rear projection film wall in corporate office setting. This wall is 30′ with 3 projectors and Intrigue Film on several panes of 1/2″ glass.


Applying your rear projection film samples are easy as shown in the video. All our films are applied with similar application methods, contact customer service for assistance and further detail.


3 sided projection on glass with rear projection film. Ultra short throw rear projectors with definition film on 1/4″ glass. Custom touch frames were made to provide multitouch interactivity.


Super Clear rear projection film at a custom interactive tradeshow display for the automotive industry. Super Clear film is 99.5% clear and maintains amazing image quality despite its transparency.


Demo rear projection film video from 2014. Screen Solutions has been pioneering the projection surfaces industry for 15 years. Call us at 888-631-5880 and learn more about our solutions.


Front projection film on glass at Visa Headquarters San Francisco. Multiple projectors blended on several panes of glass, zero hot spot, no image loss. Ultra short throw front projection on glass.


Large Format rear projection film on glass at Visa Headquarters San Francisco, showing a variety of rear projection films and interactive large format multitouch on several panes of glass.


ABC-11 Raleigh-Durham Storefront window projection on glass with Definition PRO rear projection film and custom touch foil. Portrait projection with interactive multitouch functionality thru glass.


100″ rear projection film and touch foil on office window. The goal was to have an interactive presentation medium in the showroom waiting area as a pre-sales tool to educate and inspire. Multitouch Projection.


Definition film on storefront glass with interactive touch foil that works thru the glass. In this case it was dual pane glass that we installed the touch screen and rear projection film onto. Also showing anti glare film.


Portrait Definition Pro rear projection film on glass in corporate office for digital signage as clients came in for meetings. Definition Pro Film boasts incredible depth of color and imagery with deep rich contrast.


Projection on glass with Definition rear projection film on storefront glass. This is a single projector on a single piece of projection film. The videos are youtube videos just to show what is possible as far as color and quality.


Radio Shack concept store in New York City, transparent projection film on glass

2 projectors blended on to storefront glass for a bright seamless image with selective transparency into store.


Projection on glass solutions for Dodge Ram Social Campaigns. This is one of the trucks we worked with Dodge in an effort to expand and grow social media reach in state fairs and shows.