Choosing a projector for your project might seem like a big task with all your options available, this article will help you make some educated choices. Screen Solutions rear projection film products are formulated to work with most any projector available in both commercial and consumer markets. There are dozens of projector brands and thousands of models that change so fast sometimes it is hard to keep up.

We recommend that if you are buying a projector for the first time you look at some of our recommended projectors or call us to discuss your requirements and receive personal assistance. Below are a few general notes when looking for a projector for use with rear projection films

projector options for rear projection film are nearly limitless.

“Projector options for RPF are nearly limitless”

Purchase a projector with the highest amount of lumens you can within reason, we generally recommend a starting point of no less then 2500-4000 lumens. For the first time projector buyer, lumens are the technical term for the projectors brightness rating (similar to a light bulbs watt rating).

DLP projectors provide a soft and crisp image with minimal barn door effect (the crisscross pattern of dead space commonly associated with LCD projectors). DLP projectors offer great visual depth to rear projection film and picture quality, not all projector manufacturers offer DLP light engines in their projectors.

LCD Projectors are the most common and used worldwide, there has been a shift in technology but these are still widely used and available. Because of LCD projectors diversity you can find a wide variety of Lumens (projector brightness) options available.

Hybrid Projectors are increasing in popularity and with the world leaning toward conserving our natural resources and conserving power and landfill waste these projectors are literally a breath of fresh air.  Besides the minimized ecological impact of these projectors, hybrids have up to 5 times expected bulb life span (up to 20,000 hours) and produce less heat then their predecessors. Hybrid projectors may not work in every project as they are currently available in 2000-4000 lumen brightness ranges but in the right application can be extremely beneficial.

For personal projector assistance and project design services please call us Toll Free at 888-631-5880 and speak with a customer service representative about your rear projection film project.

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