DIY Rear Projection Film – Part 2

See Part 1 of this installation guide: DIY Installation

Step 6: Spray glossy or adhesive liner side of your rear projection film to trap any particulates on this surface; don’t be afraid to get it wet.

DIY Rear Projection Film Installation Part 2Step 7: Spray your fingers with the same liquid to avoid your fingers sticking to the adhesive on the film. Gently rub your finger over the corner of the film to begin to peel back the corner of the clear liner.

Step 8: Begin to remove the entire liner from the rear projection film slowly; spray the adhesive side of the film as you remove the protective liner and separate completely. Discard protective liner as this will be thrown away during clean up.

Step 9: Liberally spray window again with your SSI rear projection film application liquid, the more liquid you use the longer you will have to work with your film. It is best to

Step 10: Gently place your rear projection film on the glass surface, you should have time to move your film around and position as needed. Push your film up against the tape that you placed on the glass in step 3 to align and square up as needed.

Step 11: Spray back side of rear projection film with application liquid as this will reduce friction as you squeegee and help prevent scratching of the film.

Step 12: Working from the center to the outer edges, begin to squeegee the film. Depending on temperature of the glass and ambient air your rear projection film may move around a little during the initial squeegee process. If your temperatures are cooler you may need to wait a few minutes for the film to setup. You should notice the adhesive begin to activate and film will not move around as easily, at this point you can begin to squeegee.

At this point you will want to apply steady, even pressure to your squeegee as you work from the center outwards. This is a critical step in removing the most liquid from in-between the rear projection film and the glass, this is important as the trapped liquid will eventually evaporate and as it does air pockets will be left in it their place.

Continue to spray the backside of the film as needed with rear projection film application liquid as you squeegee, continue to squeegee until you are satisfied with your installation and liquid removal.

Step 13: Remove masking tape around the edge of your rear projection film and lightly spray the film one last time, use a fresh paper towel to gently clean rear side of film and surrounding glass.

Step: 14: Clean glass and liquid on floor or window track, discard protective liner and get your projector ready.

CONGRATULATIONS: you have now completed your DIY Rear Projection Film Installation

Download these instruction here – DIY Rear Projection Film Installation guide
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