DIY Rear Projection Film Installation – Part 1

Screen Solutions rear projection films can be installed as a DIY (Do it Yourself); however if you are going to going to install your DIY rear projection film yourself we want to be sure you have every opportunity for a successful installation. Below is a list of helpful hints that will get you started and aid you in your success.

It is best to have everything you need together at one time so the DIY rear projection film installation process can be completed from start to finish in a minimal amount of time. This is for a number of reasons but mostly to reduce the risk of particulate contamination on the glass and or film in-between steps.

DIY Rear Projection Film Installation Part 1Items Needed for DIY Rear Projection Films:
Window Cleaner
Paper Towels
SSI Rear Projection Film
SSI Rear Projection Film Application Fluid
SSI Squeegee
Measuring tape
Dark Marker or Pen
Masking Tape

Step 1: Clean the glass area thoroughly with Windex or similar type glass cleaner, the more effectively you clean the glass the better your end result. If there is heavy residue or sticky substances left over from tape on the glass etc. it is best to clean more then one time, you cant overdue this step.

Step 2: With your measuring tape and pen mark out where the bottom or top of the area where your rear projection film will be installed, this step can be done on either side of the glass. Make a short reference line on both far edges where your film will be installed. If you choose to do this on the inside or application side you will want to be sure to remove these marks prior to installing your rear projection film, many time we will make our marks on the outside of the glass as well so they do not interfere with the installation or get washed away.

Step 3: Using your masking tape place a piece along the edge of your reference marks outside the proposed film area, you will use this tape to butt your film against during the installation process. You will only need tape in two places on top or bottom and one on a side, these pieces of tape will help you keep your rear projection film square.

Step 4: Check your glass surface for debris, lint or finger prints one more time prior to your install, if needed you may dampen a paper towel with some glass cleaner and clean glass one more time. Be sure to allow ample time for the cleaning agent to dry or dissipate, it is a good idea to repeat this process with some application fluid on a paper towel as well to ensure removal of detergents from cleaning agent.

Step 5: Spray your glass liberally with your SSI application liquid, this may make a puddle on the floor eventually but it is recommended for best results. You may need to repeat this just before you install your rear projection film as you will want to keep the glass wet.
NOTE: you may develop significant liquid on the floor or window frame, you may want to prepare by placing towels or paper towels below work area.

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