Definition Rear Projection Film on GlassDefinition Rear Projection Film is typically the go-to option for most applications. Its grey color helps reject ambient lighting and also adds contrast to your images. Definition film comes in a range of seamless sizes or can be tiled to go as large as needed. Standard diagonal sizes start at 30” and go up to 122” in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Our facility can cut nearly any size or aspect ratio out of our 60″ wide rolls. For unconventional applications, you can easily cut any shape or design out of the film by hand or with a cnc/computerized cutter.

Purchasing Definition film can be done in multiple ways:

  • Purchase a standard 16:9 cut size (or another aspect ratio),
  • Purchase a by-the-foot amount of up to 100′ at a time, or
  • Purchase a full roll of 33′, 60’, 80’, or 100′.

Definition rear projection film is great for both personal use or resale value. The film’s universal range of applications give it the versatility to be used effectively with any standard, long, or short throw projection lenses. Definition film can be used with ultra short throw projectors, but we typically recommend a direct throw lens. If you are looking for a rear projection film that works well with off-axis lenses, please check out our Intrigue rear projection film. Definition film also pairs very well with our anti-glare film to further boost your display’s ability to provide high contrast and reject ambient lighting.

Applying your Definition film is not hard. However, there are a few things that can make or break your installation:

1. A clean application surface. Anything on the surface can divot your film and be noticeable when not it is not in use.

2. A healthy amount of application fluid. You should NEVER use just water. We recommend using an application fluid or slip solution for best results.

3. A quality squeegee. A cheap squeegee can leave marks or not catch all the liquid under the film. Liquid left under the film will create a bubble in your projection surface.

These are the three key things needed for a high quality rear projection film installation. For expert level results, we recommend purchasing one of our application kits or downloading our application guide.