Definition PRO Rear Projection Film can be applied to any clear surface including glass, acrylic and Plexiglas, for a cutting-edge and unique floating images display right on your glass. Definition Pro Rear Projection films offers high contrast images in any ambient lighting conditions and a next generation look to any content, either full motion video or static images will float on your clear glass or acrylic.

Definition Pro Projection film is now a top seller of ours for because of the versatility and stopping power it adds to your display. Definition Pro Rear Projection Film is compatible with 99.9% of every projector make and model available and you can be assured that our film is ready to use with yours or one you purchase.

For questions and answers regarding rear projection film and projectors read our FAQ or Email Us. Definition Pro rear projection film applies to the inside of your glass or display much like a window tint product does, Definition Pro projection film requires an application fluid, use of a professional installer or our standard or Pro DIY application kit is recommended for best results.

definition pro rear projection film