Accent Rear Projection Film on Glass

Accent Rear Projection Film is a frosted white rear projection film that blends in very well with other architectural frosted films. This makes it ideal for light-controlled environments where the display can blend in with other architectural films already in use.

You can use any standard projector with Accent film, from short throw to standard and long throw lenses. You will, however, need to make sure the lumens (brightness) matches the environment and ambient lighting. Accent film is not meant for use in uncontrolled lighting or direct sunlight. Projects that are being used in this type of environment will benefit more from Definition or Definition Pro Rear Projection Films.

Accent film pairs very well with our Anti-Glare film. Applying Accent film to the back-side of the display and Anti-Glare film to the front-side will reduce glare and reflections that inhibit your image. Both films working together results in a crisp, bright, and glare-free viewing experience.

Accent film can be used in large, seamless sizes up to 122” 16:9 (60”x106). Or, it can be tiled to make much larger screens.

Tiling Accent rear projection films is a common practice. A few important rules to follow are:

  • Make sure to tell your sales person you will be tiling the film,
  • Have the film marked on which way it comes off the roll and apply the film when stacked so that all pieces are applied in the same direction they came off the roll, and
  • If you are cutting the film, try to have factory edges align with each other. This will give nearly seamless gaps between film pieces and help ensure a clean installation.

Another thing to always be mindful of is to use the proper tools when applying rear projection film. Make sure to use an application fluid and a squeegee made for applying these types of films.

Applying your film with just water is not suggested and will not give you the best results. Using the wrong type of application squeegee can also be just as harmful; the wrong type of squeegee can scratch or damage the film during the application process. If you are not familiar with applying rear projection films and do not have your own slip solution, we highly suggest purchasing one of our application kits.

You can download our application guide for Accent Film here. If you have any questions or would like to talk through your installation before you get started, feel free to call us at any time during regular business hours. We will be happy to have a technician walk you through the proper steps.