Intrigue Film Order: Madrid, Spain

The latest order is heading overseas! A customer in Madrid, Spain purchased a custom size Intrigue Film to fit a 1524mm x 1000mm display! We can’t wait to see how our international intrigue film order turns out. Intrigue Rear Projection…

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Intrigue Film Order: Los Angeles, California

One of our customers from Los Angeles, CA 90029 has purchased a brand new 35″ Intrigue Film! To save themselves some trouble, they paired their intrigue film order with one of our standard application kits to make the installation process…

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Intrigue Rear Projection Film

Intrigue Rear Projection Film is a mostly transparent rear projection film that gives a floating or holographic look to anything displayed from the projector. Intrigue film will work with any standard projector or lens. However, we typically recommend ultra short…

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