For over 18 years, Screen Solutions has been a pioneer in Projection Screens. We were the first to produce Rigid Screens and Projection Films for Glass or Acrylic. Our Films are available in full rolls, standard sizes, or custom shapes for customers worldwide. Based in Rocklin, CA, we provide Sales, Service, & Fulfillment.

In today’s dynamic market, our projection film lineup is the world’s most comprehensive, covering all projection types. Our Standard Rear Projection Films and DualView Films come in 60″ rolls and can be tiled for larger displays. Customers can choose by size or shape, with extras like anti-glare films, kits, samples, and installation guides for a seamless experience.

What is Rear Projection Film?

Rear projection films are ultra-thin projection surfaces intended for installation on glass and acrylic surfaces. SSI's entire range of rear projection films is designed to be compatible with any projector and includes integrated application adhesive for easy installation.

The distinctive composition of our films enables them to efficiently capture the majority of the projected light, maximizing your projector's brightness. This results in vivid, sharp HD images on your display surface, which are sure to immediately capture someone's attention.

visa definition rear projection film on 3 panes of glass

Definition Rear Projection Film with Multi-Touch Overlay


Accent Film

Accent Rear Projection Film
replicates the appearance and texture of frosted glass, while offering the flexibility to project any desired content source. Its frosted white hue ensures vibrant and attention-grabbing imagery. This makes it a surefire attention magnet.

Definition Film

Definition Rear Projection Film
features a gray coloration that enhances contrast and minimizes ambient light interference from both the front and back. Because of this
the results are high-contrast imagery for your content, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Definition Pro Film

Definition Pro Rear Projection Film is an ultra-high contrast solution. It offers wide viewing angles and remarkable ambient light rejection from both the front and back of the film. However, for optimal performance, it’s important to keep in mind that this film may require a slightly higher light intensity, typically around 20%, compared to our other film options.

Intrigue Film

Intrigue Rear Projection Film boasts an impressive 96% transparency. This film features a subtle haze that captures and diffuses light while maintaining clarity through the film. This unique quality provides a mesmerizing holographic and floating image effect that captivates viewers.


Front projection, Rear Projection, Dual Sided Projection

DualView Accent

DualView Accent Film is much like the color of our standard accent film. However, DualView gives you the ability to choose any projector and almost any angle while keeping the ultra-bright images.

DualView Definition

DualView Definition film stands out by providing higher contrast, steeper projection angles, and wider viewing angles than other film.  In well-lit environments, this film offers abundant installation possibilities and enhances the visibility and impact of your content.

DualView Intrigue

DualView Intrigue Film delivers the captivating appearance of holographic or floating images. Tailored for use with extreme short-throw projectors (UST Projectors), this film offers both front and rear projection capabilities, resulting in a semi-holographic visual experience.

DualView Ultra Clear

DualView UltraClear stands out as the most transparent film available on the market, providing a level of transparency the same as glass. Additionally, this film offers a genuine holographic display, making it an ideal choice for use with Extreme Short Throw Projectors.

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